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Getting Started: The Application Process for the PRSA MBA/Business School Program

Outlined below are the steps for partnering with PRSA and joining a growing number of business schools dedicated to providing future business leaders with vital strategic communications training.

Step 1:
• Review our course resources.

Step 2:
• Submit the electronic application.

If you wish to further discuss the program before applying, please connect with Jeneen Garcia, vice president, Education, PRSA, via email or at (212) 460-1466.

Step 3:
• PRSA can coordinate a conference call or in-person visit to help you get started. Educators at Dartmouth College, the College of William and Mary, Syracuse University, Northwestern University, and other partner MBA programs would be happy to speak with you about the approaches their universities are using, and PRSA can provide additional implementation tools and counsel. For more information, please connect with Jeneen Garcia, Executive Director, PRSA, via email or at (212) 460-1466.

Partner Schools Include: