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Members-Only Community

What Is MyPRSA?

MyPRSA is our private, members-only community that empowers you to have meaningful conversations with fellow PRSA members. In addition to the versatile community and resource library, you also will have access to all of your membership information in a secure and user-friendly setting.

Why Is It Important?

We understand that your time is valuable. This community was developed for fast information sharing and quick questions, as well as easy access to your member benefits.

Log in to check out articles, webinars, presentations and much more!

Who Can Participate in the Community?

The community is exclusively for PRSA members. Access is available to all open communities. Private groups do exist for committee members, Professional Interest Section members and volunteer leaders.

Why an Online Community and Not a Discussion Forum?

MyPRSA is similar to a discussion forum but offers more user-friendly features. Some of the benefits of the MyPRSA community are:

  • Ease of Use MyPRSA is a responsive site that you can easily access 24/7 from your computer or mobile device. Whether you want to post or add to discussions, just reply directly from your email.
  • Completely Searchable – A MyPRSA search scans discussion posts, responses and resources shared by members and PRSA.
  • You Have Control – You decide the frequency and volume of community notifications, from a daily summary to real-time updates.
  •  Upload Documents – All of your member benefit documents can be found in MyPRSA; you have the ability to upload information and documents to share with your peers.